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We offer packages at our training center in St Pete Beach for individuals and/or small group settings.  While you take advantage of enjoying one of the most beautiful beaches in the world in the west coast of Florida.

Intensive Corporate Planning and Management


Implementing a new software brings moment of anxiety for your company.  Knowing and managing the stages as you get acquainted with features and functionability to operate all aspect of your organization is a difficult task. 

We invite you to attend intensive management training where we will assist you in setting up well-thought and developed processes that will maximize your productivity.


You will learn the basic CargoWise One system, engage planning and designing your processes for the staff and whole company transition; answers to your questions and knowing your concerns, is how we take care of every step on the way.  Your time is very valuable, you do not have to implement alone.

  • 3 days - 6 to 8 hours daily

            (Configuration & Settings, Accounting Settings & Forwarding)

  • 4 days - 6 hours daily

            (Configuration & Settings, Accounting Settings, Forwarding / Order Manager/Warehouse, Billing)

  • 5 days - 4 to 6 hours daily - Monday to Friday

            (Configuration & Settings, Accounting Settings, Forwarding / Order Manager / Warehouse, Accounting,

             Workflow Templates, Documents & Reports)


Contact us if your company requires short-term or long-term implementation.  We will guide thru setting and refreshing your operating procedures, our expert advice will help you navigate safely into your corporate future.



Accomodation Packages Available

We offer recommendation to affordable hotels and accommodation in the area, which may offer corporate rates* on weekdays to take advantage of an outstanding beach destination.  Your training will be a memorable, relaxing business experience that will prepare you for a smooth transition to your new CargoWise One system.


*Bleu Celeste Solution does not act as a booking/reservation or turist agent and not responsible for any accommodation selection.  Accommodation recommendations are given in good faith to assist with your training needs during your visit.  

WiseEducation Program

Training offered at our Center

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