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At Bleu Celeste Solutions, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our customer's experience by empowering our students with their skills and knowledge and guiding to a meaningful learning blended experience.  


Althought online asyscronoze learning is available thru WiseTech Global's eLearning site, providing a large number of videos and offline course material;  we facilitate communication and applied contextual clues to strengten the learning.


These learning methods have proven to be very beneficial in adapting and implementing your software.


Bleu Celeste Solutions specializes in Spanish-speaking training.  We provide a Spanish speaking consultant / facilitator with an outstanding level of training in their native language.  Our consultant / facilitator understands and honors the needs and expectations of every individual, therefore can effortless provide training geared to accommodate Spanish speakers.  Your investment deserves the highest positive environment, that builds loyalty and commitment making sure that EVERYONE clearly understands:

-  How to perform to the level desired?

-  How to empower and build great team members and who in turn will provide suggestions on how to better handle the software?

-  How to configure the system to its maximum potential and productively?


All training services are offered in Spanish and English:



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