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Bleu Celeste Solutions strives to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction possible.

Our mission is to provide effective, competitive results oriented & practical business solutions to organizations across the logistics industry assisting them to optimize their operational efficiency in building a progressive and sustainable competitive advantage in the market.  We thrive on listening, working side by side to resolve your challenges.  Our services are aligned to promote collaboration, sucessfully completing every step of the implementation and training process.  Proven customer business strategies geared towards inspiration, innovation and intelligence; leveraging consulting competence with extensive training in technologiy and transportation.

Want to find out more about our experienced and knowledgable consultant? 

Sheylla Schulte has demonstrated an excellent grasp in various areas pertaining to business, foreign relations and information technology.  Formally, appointed as a Foreign Service official, she has served as an official translator, performing simultaneous and highly technical translations for renown companies (including Fortune 500).


Her international background played a tremendous role in reinforcing her career in transportation & logistics industry.  Wide studies in Industrial Engineering, Business Administration and Telecommunication & Networking Technology, she has actively established several overseas companies.  Sheylla is fully fluent in Spanish and English.


Sheylla has developed a successful career and is well-respected throughout the business world due to her global experience and ample hands-on working capabilities.  She is recognized for her capability to quickly comprehend the core of the issue and bring a solution.  She has proven her strengths in accounting processes and organization. Her ability to implement technical solutions and marketing, along with providing the vision to implement required changes make her an asset to any company and/or employee she works with. 


Proven strengths include:

+  Cultural sensitivity with a proven track record of working in the Latin American region.

+  Exceptional leadership skills, demonstrated through integrity and compassion.

+  Improved growth and sustained profitability with by improving and maximizing technical resources.

+  Strategic thinker who has the ability to practically implement steps.


All of these distinctive aspects and unique combination of trades along with her strong supportive, knowledgeable and gentle outlook; will certainly make your training a very pleasant experience.  We look forward to working with you!



Sheylla Schulte
Trainer & Consultant
CargoWise Certified Professional

WiseEducation Program

Training offered at our Center

in Saint Pete Beach, Florida

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