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Our attention to service and quality is evident by our constant and comprehensive support to our customers' growth, building mutual trust and improving operations along with mangaging complex issues.



At Bleu Celeste Solutions our customers not only always comes first, but we continually strive to exceed expectations! Our certified consultancy service professionals combine expertise from different business backgrounds.  

We specialized in providing a steamline adaptability through training and planned consulting strategies delivering the result you expect as a support implementation partner.



Bleu Celeste Solutions wants to empower you as a customer, to accelerate and improve your progress, and to be a reliable resource for big and small business matters in your organization; creating strategies and solutions tailored to suit your specific needs:

  •  Bleu Celeste Solutions offers a highly experienced development team who not only understands your day-to-day business needs, quickly visualizing the setup, implementation, go-live launching and training, allowing you to achieve the highest competitive advantage through in the current transportation market.
  •  Bleu Celeste Solutions is highly committed to establish and maintain post-implementation support; by working side-by-side ensuring that we resolve all possible challenges throughout the migration to CargoWise One solution, and beyond.
  •  Bleu Celeste Solutions designs operational and reliable procedures into all our solutions for customers demanding productivity, efficiency, knowledge and integrity.



Our goal is to maximize your investment and leveraging with the excellent use of technology. We assist our clients in adopting practices and providing actionable measures of business performance, through the integration of systems.



Bleu Celeste Solutions offers a range of services to help you get the most out of your CargoWise One system, from training and implementation, system review and setup and process improvement.  Whether you need help managing a full scale software and business process implementation, or just undertanding a specific area, our expert consultants will work closely with you to tailor a plan that will add value to your services.  Get detailed information here. Learn more about us and meet our consultants. We're looking forward to serving you!

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